Whether you are a public institution or private individual,
RELIEVO signals the arrival of new opportunities to protect,
exhibit and - best of all - enjoy your valuable artworks that until
now were unthinkable.

For museums, RELIEVO offers new opportunities for expanding your audience. By enabling you to exhibit high-fidelity reproductions, for example, of works which are too valuable or fragile to travel or in combination with works which are normally impossible to exhibit together. In addition, RELIEVO enables new possibilities in the field of education while expanding the working resources of the museum.

Despite our best efforts to preserve masterpieces in their original condition, it is inevitable for works of art to change and evolve over time. RELIEVO offers the best available technology to capture the full detail of your artworks, right down to their exact structure, relief and colours. While providing a valuable resource in its own right, this information can also serve as a reference should restoration works prove necessary in the future.

And if the unthinkable were to happen and a work became permanently damaged or lost, RELIEVO offers a safe and secure way to archive precise details of some of our greatest cultural products, safeguarding them for future generations to admire.

For private collectors, RELIEVO offers owners a unique way to share the enjoyment of their collection with others, such as their children or business partners or, for example, at a second residence. For security and insurance purposes, RELIEVO also offers owners the option of displaying a high-quality reproduction of their valuable investment while the original is kept safely locked away.

Experience your favourite works of art, whenever and wherever you wish.